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The Benefits of a Staff Gym Program

As experienced Health & Fitness coaches, we understand that a vital factor in the success of any business is health.

We offer 12 Week programs for businesses within the Perth metro area to help build a culture of wellness in the workplace. This involves giving employees the time and resources to make healthy decision for the long-term.


We have noticed when employees have the opportunity to pursue healthy habits and behaviors, there is an obvious increase in:


☑️Staff Wellbeing



☑️Staff culture

☑️Strong team dynamic


Our team are seasoned Health & Fitness experts with over 15 years’ experience in Fitness sector working with many different health and fitness levels developing specific training and educational programs with a proven track record of outstanding results that change lives.

Nelson Agra, The Business Experience

"My experience at Double Down Fitness was nothing but an eye opener. As a young adult who mostly is mostly aloof from any physical activity. With Travis as a personal trainer, I could not imagine going to the gym on my own. He is energetic and pushes you to limits that I never knew I could surpass. It has been quite the journey and has left a taste in my mouth wanting for more."
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